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Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been a victim of personal injury, the

attorneys at Bowman  &  Smith  would  like the opportunity to

help. We have a combined  100  years  of  experience helping

those who have been  seriously  injured  in an accident due to

another party's negligence or wrongful  a c t i o n s.  Personal

injury can result in permanent  or  irreversible bodily harm or

even death  and  may  entitle  you  to  compensation for your

losses and suffering.


Our expert  team  of  p e r s o n a l  injury  lawyers  operates

throughout Arizona and California and  is committed to serving individuals throughout

both states. We pride ourselves on our  commitment to every client who has suffered

serious losses due to another's negligence.


Common types of personal injury cases include:

Other types include medical  malpractice,  premises  liability,  work-related accidents

and many more. A qualified and experienced  personal injury lawyer at Bowman and Smith can help you determine if the best way to obtain compensation for your losses.


Personal injury cases are serious  matters  that  are  best  handled by attorneys who

specialize in this area of the law. We vow  our  dedication to the successful resolution

of your case and  to  helping  you  receive  the  compensation  you  deserve for your

injuries. Please contact us to speak  with  a  personal  injury attorney in the Yuma or Imperial Valley area to have your questions  answered and to learn more about your

legal rights and options.  We  provide  you  with  a  FREE  evaluation  of your case to

determine the best way to protect your legal interests.


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