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Car Accidents

Serious car  accidents  can  result  in extensive

property  damage,   severe   injury   and  even

death.   If   a n o t h e r    driver's   negligence,

dangerous road conditions, or an auto defect is

responsible for your  car  accident, you may be

entitled  to  damages   for  your  suffering  and

losses. Our attorneys  at  Bowman & Smith are

personal   injury   specialists   in   the  state  of

Arizona  and  are   committed   to  successfully

handling your car accident  case in Arizona and



Car accidents occur at an alarming  rate  in  the  United  States, claiming the lives of

approximately 40,000  Americans  annually.  Unfortunately,  the chance that you will

be involved in at least one  accident  in  a  lifetime  is  great.  In addition to property

damage, car accidents  can  result  in  serious  injuries  such  as head trauma, brain

damage, paralysis,  broken  bones,  whiplash  and  more.  An  experienced personal

injury attorney may be  the  key  to  the  successful  resolution  of your car accident



To best protect your legal interests  following  a  serious  car accident it is important

not to admit fault or  sign  anything  before  seeking  expert  legal  advice. It is also

important  to  document  every  detail   a b o u t   the  accident,  your  injuries,  and

everything  that  has  happened  since  the   accident  to  best  preserve  your  legal



With offices  in  Yuma,  Arizona  and  Imperial  County,  California,  our attorneys at

Bowman & Smith are experienced  in  handling  car  accident cases throughout both

states. We are  proud  to  represent  individuals  and  small  businesses, limiting our

practice to these entities.


If you or a loved one has been  involved  in  a  car accident in California or Arizona,

please contact us to speak to an experienced attorney Bowman & Smith. We offer a FREE consultation  to  discuss  the  details  of  your  case  and  help you develop an

effective legal path to recover damages for your losses and suffering.


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