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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance bad faith occurs when your

insurer fails to put your best interests

on an equal level with their own when

evaluating and  honoring your claims.

If you have  been   a f f e c t e d   by

insurance bad faith, there are laws in

place to protect you.  A legal contract

exists between a  policyholder and an

insurer,  w h i c h   legally obliges the

carrier to  provide  benefits under the

terms of  the  policy.  An  insurer  is  also  required  to  act  with  good  faith and fair

dealings when evaluating  claims.  When  a  breach  of  this  duty occurs, the help of

a qualified attorney can be the best way to protect your legal interests.


Insurance bad faith can occur when an  insurance  company fails to provide you with

the compensatory funds you are  entitled  to  receive, or directly defies the terms of

your contract. If you have filed  a  valid  claim  with  your insurance company, which

was not honored, you have the right  to  pursue  a  civil  action for the damages you

are owed.


Bowman & Smith  attorneys  have  specialized  in  the  protection  of individuals and

small businesses in  Arizona  and  California  since  the  establishment of the firm in

1987. Our attorneys represent the highest  level  of  skill and client dedication in the

field of personal injury and insurance bad faith.


Please contact us to speak with a  Bowman & Smith attorney for a free consultation

regarding your  insurance  claim.  We  are  pleased  to  offer  Spanish  and English-

speaking services, to best serve your needs.


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