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Fatal Collision Settled for $1 Million

A four year boy with four brothers and  sisters  were crossing a street in a crosswalk

going from a park to the side walk on the  opposite side of the roadway. A pool man,

driving a company pickup truck,  was  looking  for  next  house  where he needed to

service a pool. He started to turn to  the  right  on a street before the spot where the

children were crossing. He then noticed  that  he was turning on the wrong street, so

he turned back to the left to continue going straight. He accelerated and at that point

the children had crossed the roadway  except  for the 4 year old boy who was struck

and killed. It was clearly established that  the  driver was in the scope and course of

his employment and the company  was  liable  for  the accident. The case settled for

the $1,000,000.00 policy limits.


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