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Case Results

$710,000.00 - Settlement for insurance bad faith


$825,000.00 - A packing company employee driving a work truck, suddenly and without warning, turned left in front of a couple on the way home, causing serious impact two of her. The wife sustained serious injuries resulting in multiple surgeries... Read Full Story


$1 Million - A four year boy with four brothers and sisters were crossing a street in a crosswalk going from a park to the side walk on the opposite side of the roadway. A pool man, driving a company pickup truck, was looking for next house where he needed to service a pool... Read Full Story


$1.08 Million - A 19 year old man, driving his brother’s car, with his brother and sister-in-law as passengers, was struck by a 15 passenger van that ran a stop sign...

Read Full Story


$1.1 Million - Settlement for the wrongful death of a retired man


$1.15 Million - Settlement for a car accident resulting in hip replacement surgery


$1.55 Million - Settlement for a wrongful death caused by 18-wheeler collision... Read Full Story


$1.8 Million - Settlement for a car accident


$3.85 Million - Settlement for a car vs. pedestrian accident


$3.9 Million - Settlement for 15 passenger van tire blowout & van roll over


$6.2 Million - A woman who owned a daycare center, was conducting a business meeting with a local business owner regarding her attempt to purchase another daycare center... Read Full Story


$6.2 Million - Settlement for a wrongful death caused by commercial motor vehicle

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