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$6.2 Million Settlement Reached in DUI Case

A woman who owned a daycare  center,  was  conducting  a  business meeting with a

local business owner  regarding  her  attempt  to  purchase  another  daycare center.

After work they met at a local bar and  discussed  terms of the financial arrangement

and the profitability of the new company. On her way home from work, traveling at a

speed of approximately 58 miles  per  hour,  she  crossed  the center line and hit two

vehicles. She was legally drunk at the time of the incident.


Nine people were injured in a van. The  father  driving the van was pinned behind the

steering wheel for approximately one hour  until  rescue personnel could execute him

from the van. The mother had a serious arm  injury  that required extensive surgery.

The other children were bumped  and  bruised  except  for an eight year girl who was

flown to St. Joseph’s hospital in  Phoenix  where  they  specialize in dealing with brain

injuries. All the  children,  including  the  girl  flown  to  Phoenix,  made  a  very good

recovery as did their parents. A settlement  was reached in the amount of 6.2 million



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