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Welcome to  Bowman  &  Smith,  P.C.  in  Yuma,  Arizona.  This  law  firm  was first

established in 1983 by Wm. Michael  Smith.  Alan  Bowman joined the firm in 1987,

followed by Carol Bowman, his sister with  over  40 years experience practicing law

in California and Marlo Arnold.



Wm. Michael Smith


Wm. Michael Smith,  formerly  the  Yuma  County  Attorney,

was  responsible  for  prosecuting  major  criminal  cases. For

over  45  years,  he  has   concentrated   in  criminal  defense

including capital murder and major felony crimes. He has also

been heavily involved in litigating serious injury cases.



 Alan Bowman


Alan Bowman has been certified  by  The State Bar Of Arizona

as a specialist in personal  injury  and  wrongful  death litigation

since 1990. He  has  handled  the  litigation  of  serious injuries,

complex litigation and  negotiated  numerous  multimillion dollar

settlements. He is a member  of  the  Million  Dollars Advocates.




Carol Bowman

Carol Bowman practiced  law  in  Los  Angeles, California for

over 20 years, before returning  to  Yuma. She has extensive

experience dealing  with  corporate  boards  and committees,

interfacing with  local  governments  and  representing clients

before state  and  federal  regulatory  agencies.  Carol is now

responsible for  serious  injury  litigation  and  has completed

numerous jury trials in the past eight years. 



Marlo Arnold joined the firm as an associate  attorney in 2010. Before starting at

Bowman & Smith, she  completed  an  externship  at  the  Florida  Supreme Court.

Marlo handles felony and misdemeanor criminal defense cases as well as personal

injury matters. Marlo's most recent civil jury trial  resulted in a $420,000 plaintiff's

verdict for her client.


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